Impact of Different Weather Conditions on the Health of Your Roof

Impact of Different Weather Conditions on the Health of Your Roof, Waterproof Roofs Ltd

A roof is one of the most vital parts of a house. It’s also one feature that keeps your home protected from the harmful effects of different weather conditions. A robust and sturdy roof that is well-maintained will last a long time and help to ensure the safety of all who live in it.

However, it does not mean that you will no longer worry about your roof after installing it. Even if you have expensive waikato roofing like tile or metal, there are still times when you need to check its condition.

Here are some weather conditions that may harm the health of your roof. Let’s find out!

1.     Rain

Rain is the most common cause of roof damage. If your house’s roof is already old, you should carefully inspect it for water damage during heavy rainfall. A tiny crack can allow water to leak through, and even if it seems insignificant, it can lead to severe consequences.

Keep an eye on the gutters during rainy days because they are often overlooked. However, they play an essential part in directing away from the accumulated rainwater from your house.

2.     Hot Summer Days

Extreme heat during the summer can cause the roofing material to expand and shrink, leading to immediate damage. Furthermore, prolonged exposure to sun and UV rays can make shingles brittle, causing curling and cracks.

Houses with metal roofing suffer the most during scorchingly sunny days.  The concentrated sun rays elevate the temperature of the metal and cause destabilisation. However, this causes metal thinning and cracks, creating the perfect entry for moisture.

3.     Frost and Snow

Snow is a primary culprit of roof damage. The combination of snow with wind and rain can impact the longevity of roofs. The additional weight that snow adds to your roof can cause leaky roofs, leading to roof collapse if left unaddressed. If you’re living in a snow-prone area, always have snow removed from your roof at the first opportunity. In addition, contact a professional roofer for recommendations on durable roofing materials.

Impact of Different Weather Conditions on the Health of Your Roof, Waterproof Roofs Ltd

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