Ways to Keep Moss and Algae Away from Your Roof

In areas with heavy rainfall and moisture in the air, moss and algae grow easily on the roofs.

This moss and algae growth can damage the roof beyond repair.

Both moss and algae can get inside the tiles and shingles and uproot them. The uprooting of shingles on the roof can lead to major roof problems like roof leaks, moisture damage, and water intrusion. It can also give an unattractive look to your roof.

This is why it’s important to prevent moss and algae from making their way throughout your roof. This blog discusses some ways to protect you from moss on roofs and algae.

Ways to Keep Moss and Algae Away from Your Roof, Waterproof Roofs Ltd

1- Trim the Trees

Trees are the biggest cause of algae, mould, and moss growth on the roof. Trees provide a good growing surface for algae and moss because of the moisture on the bark. These algae and moss are then blown into the roof in the form of spores from nearby trees. Therefore, the best way to prevent algae and moss from spreading on your roof is to limit the plant growth around your house.

Start by trimming the large trees, making sure that no branches reach the roof. Getting rid of trees means eliminating the root cause of algae and moss spores that get on the roof. You can also change your mulch type in the soil as mulch prevents algae and moss growth.

2- Get Rid of Standing Water

As mentioned above, algae and moss growth flourishes in moisture. This is why you should always ensure that the roof doesn’t stay wet for long. You can take certain measures to prevent standing water on the roof.

Start by cleaning the spouting and removing all debris and leaves from it. Without clean pipes, the rainwater or snow puddles wouldn’t flow down from the roof into the water drainage system.

You can also fix the tiles, repair the cracks, and check your roof after every rain spell to remove the standing water.

3- Switch to Copper Roofs

Copper prevents the growth of organic substances like moss, mould, and algae. Replacing your roof’s tiles and shingles with copper shingles is an effective way to prevent the growth of algae, mould, and moss on roof tiles. Even if the spores come in contact with the roof through a copper roof, it wouldn’t allow algal or moss growth. Adding a copper strip to your roof ridge also works if you don’t want to get copper shingles.

Ways to Keep Moss and Algae Away from Your Roof, Waterproof Roofs Ltd

Trimming trees and removing standing water can might not eliminate algae and moss. Therefore, copper roof replacement is the best option if you want zero algae and moss on your roof.

At Waterproof Roofs LTD, we have roof tile replacement near me services that use metals alongside copper to keep your roof moss and algae free. However, if your roof is already covered in algae and moss, you can schedule our moss treatment services to get rid of that!

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