What Your Roofing Company In Hamilton Wants You To Know About Moss Treatments

As a professional roofing company in Hamilton, Waterproof Roofs is an expert in the repair, restoration and replacement of roofs. At Waterproof Roofs, we go a step further than simply coming in to fix the damage once it has been done. We believe that prevention is better than cure to ensure your roof is in tip-top shape.

Part of the preventative action we recommend is to do your utmost to prevent moss or algae from growing on your roof. When it comes to roofing, moss or algae can be a silent menace! That’s why we recommend all of our clients do regular moss treatments.

What Is Moss Treatment?

Moss treatment is a service that aims to remove any moss, algae or lichen that is growing on a roof. Moss is incredibly common to find growing on a roof; however, it should not be left to continue to grow.

Why Is Moss Treatment Important?

Without moss treatment, the moss or lichen will start to damage the roof. The moss grows into the tiny cracks found on the roof and can split it, causing major cracks and breakage. It makes room for decay and rot to begin, eventually breaking down your roof and requiring a full replacement.

How Is Moss Treated?

Moss treatments from a professional cleaning or roofing company are the best way to remove moss and algae. Professionals clean away any moss present and treat the roof with special chemicals to prevent moss from growing.

How Often Is Moss Treatment Necessary?

To prevent lichen from festering on your roof to damage the coating, it is recommended to have regular moss treatments. Having your roof treated for moss at least once a year is a good start, though you should call in for a moss treatment sooner if you notice significant or rapid moss or algae growth before the year mark. With regular moss treatments, moss won’t get the chance to settle in and do any damage.

If you’re looking for a roofing company in Hamilton that you can trust to quite literally keep the roof over your head, look no further than Waterproof Roofs. We strive to provide only the highest quality of services to our clients, from small repairs to moss treatments to complete roof replacements. Get in touch with us today!