Why Is Moss Bad for Your Roof, And How Can You Deal with It?

Moss are small, spongy plants that grow and thrive in damp locations. But did these wild clumps just show up on your roof unannounced, and you let them stay as a permanent resident?

If the answer is yes, let us tell you how moss on roofs can be destructive to your roof’s structural integrity.

In this blog, we will discuss how moss can be bad for your roof. Read below to know how to deal with moss damage.

Why Is Moss Bad for Your Roof, And How Can You Deal with It?, Waterproof Roofs Ltd

1- Moss Can Cause Leaks

Live in a rainy area and have a lot of moss?

Prepare for water dripping on your heads when you’re having a nice nap!

Moss can cause small holes or spots in your roof that would eventually lead to leaks. Having moss on your roof is a sign that you need roofing leak repairs to stop your house from flooding all over!

2- Has a Lot of Weight

Most people tend to forget that moss is very heavy. This might come as a surprise to you, but a big lay mat of moss weighs a lot. This is because moss is a sponge that absorbs water. The water weight adds to the weight of the moss, which ultimately weighs heavy on your roof.

The added weight can lead to cracks in the roof. If the moss has been growing quickly, it can cause your roof or some part of it to crash or fall.

You’ll probably need to call in a roof restorer to tackle the damage.

3- A Home for Bugs

Are you genuinely terrified of bugs? Do you think that bugs can bring your living conditions down by a notch?

Well, bad news for you – moss will add to the bugs and insects living in your home.

As with any other plant, moss will attract various bugs and other insects to your roof. The result will be multiple weeks’ of fumigation sessions to get rid of those bugs. It’s better to get rid of that moss on roof tiles, so you wouldn’t have to put in so much effort getting rid of the bugs and insects.

4- Moss Never Stops Growing

If you think that the few clumps on your roof would stay the same, think again!

Some types of moss take as little as six weeks to grow, especially if your roof has a lot of moisture. Moss has a steady growth rate and can easily fill your whole roof in just a few months.

Why Is Moss Bad for Your Roof, And How Can You Deal with It?, Waterproof Roofs Ltd

How to Deal with Moss?

You can try pulling out the moss on your roof, but the process is very tiring and takes a lot of effort.

The best option to get rid of all the moss on roofs would be to hire a professional to deal with it. At Waterproof Roofs, we provide moss treatments in Hamilton at affordable rates.

Contact us today to reverse your roof damage!